Friday, March 24, 2006


I hit a big milestone as a Mommy today. Peanut presented me with her first "I made this just for you, Mama" drawing. I couldn't be any prouder! Silly little everyday things like this are some of my favorite parts of being a parent.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In Which I Am Convinced That My life Is Part of Some Wacky TV Sitcom

I got my head stuck in the dryer today.

That is not a misprint.

While reaching way in the back for that last wayward sock, my hair, which has gotten very long, became caught on some part of the door mechanism. When I backed out to stand up, it got even more firmly tangled. I could go neither forward nor back and so much hair was caught that I couldn't even tear myself loose. It was either laugh or cry.

So I laughed.

Luckily, my husband was at home this morning, and was able to come to my rescue. Even though he gave me a look that said he seriously doubted my ability to function without assistance. I just reminded him of the time that he super-glued both of his hands to his tongue, and that was the end of the looking.

Shouldn't I be getting paid for producing all of this wonderful entertainment for the world?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

As If I Needed Any More Confirmation That I Have Lost My Mind

Yesterday was a beautiful day here. The sky was blue, the sun was out and the birds were chirping. We had a birthday party to attend for the lovely little daughter of our good friends. The gift was bought and wrapped. Our clothes were clean and pressed. We all made it out the door on time and without major incident. We even made the twenty minute drive to our friends' parents' home without getting lost.

I failed to notice that the date of the party was the 19th, not the 18th.

Not looking forward to today, as I know the laws of my universe are not going to allow me to prepare so smoothly for the same outing twice, lol!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Tonight we celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. I find it a little unbelievable that it has been eight years already. Most of the time, it feels as if we are still stumbling through those early newlywed days!

As I was purchasing my husband's anniversary card this week, the cashier (who I will tell you, didn't look a day over 18) noticed it and asked how long we had been married. When I told her eight years, she looked surprised and offered her congratulations on staying together so long. When I responded with a thank you and told her that eight years wasn't really very long at all, she told me that aside from her grandparents, she didn't know of anyone else in her family that had been married so long. That definitely gave me a reason to pause and think.

I myself came from a divorced home, but as it wasn't very common in our area, most of my friends had married parents. As I grew older, it seemed as if an epidemic had hit society, and people's parents were splitting all over the place, but by no means had it become so common that it drew no comment. Now, it seems that things have swung around completely.

The fact that marriage, and not divorce, is now the novelty makes me very sad, but it also makes me realize just how lucky I am to have a husband that is worth being married to. We do not have a rosy, make-believe kind of love. Our marriage, like all marriages, is hard work, and work that must be attended to every day. But the fact of the matter is, it is worth the effort.

The fulfillment and happiness that my marriage brings me is worth all of the little petty annoyances that pop up when you live with a person 24/7. The stability and support that I receive from my husband is something that was sorely lacking in my own childhood. I only wish that more people would take their marriages seriously and put the effort required into them. Marriage can be such a good thing!