Friday, February 24, 2006

Knitted Babes

Well, even though I have skeins of lace-weight yarn staring reprovingly at me from my work-basket, I haven't moved on to learning lace-knitting. Instead, I've been puttering around with a few crochet doillies and working on Christmas presents (yes, I know, I'm disgusting!) Then, the other day I came across this lovely book at the library called  
"Knitted Babes", and I fell in love! The patterns are very simple, even for young girls and the little wardrobes are fun and easily alterable. At left you will see my first attempt, whose name is Mina. She is just sitting around in her shift for now, as I haven't finished any clothing for her, but I'm in the middle of a dress and she should be decent soon. Peanut is enchanted and has been carrying Mina everywhere, even before she had arms and legs. If you are looking at a fist attempt at knitted toys, this is the doll for you! Posted by Picasa


Erin said...

You may be smart in not starting lace- it can be addictive! ;) I'm just finishing up a shawl for the Knitting Olympics and am already contemplating my next project.

I've seen that book in the catalogs I get from Patternworks, and I'm sure Amazon has it as well. My library is woefully understocked when it comes to knitting books. Mina looks adorable! Are her arms and legs I-cord? I know several little girls who would love something like that and it would be an easy way to continue small gifts by creating new wardrobe changes.

Oh! Now I need to check this out!

impromptu-mom said...

Her arms and legs are just four or six stitches (respectively) of stockinette. The natural curl makes seaming not needed. Realy, these dolls are so easy and quick. They would make good gifts!

Erin said...

Even better! For some reason I-cord is my death.