Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Paperback Swap

Ok, I am going to do a little ad here, but only because I found something really wonderful and want to share it.

Someone posted on my local trading post about a site called Paperback Swap, so I thought that I would check it out. It's great!

If you have stacks of books just lying around, like me, you will love this site. Basically, it's a hub where people can trade their paperback (and hardback) books with other people for just the cost of shipping (media mail, around $1.60 a book). It works on a credit system, so for every book that you send out, you get a credit to take one, plus they start you off with three credits as soon as you open an account and list at least nine books. Membership is free at this point, but it does say that they will probably start charging for the service somewhere down the road (you are guaranteed at least a year's worth of service without charge). I'm really rotten at explaining, so it's probably best that you visit the site and see for yourself, lol!

So far, I have found two books to fill in some gaps here in my collection, plus I have already gotten rid of a book, all in one day! It's definitely worth a look.

Oh, if you sign up, let them know that I referred you, (my email is or just click on the link to the right. I'll get credits for turning you on to such a great find, lol!


Erin said...

Hmm. I'll have to give that a peek. Usually I buy hardbound because I hate giving up books I love, but I do have some that just didn't work too well for me. Silly to have them taking up space when someone else could enjoy them and I'd have more room for books I love. ;)

I'll be sure to list you as a ref if I do join.

thicket dweller said...

I have to second this. I joined PaperBackSwap at Impromptu-Mom's suggestion and now I'm addicted. I'm scanning the shelves of my local thrift stores for good paperbacks so that I can trade them for books I want!

IM, I got the Ransome book. Thank you very much! The kids enjoyed hearing it read aloud yesterday. :-)