Friday, August 4, 2006

Work Done

My Peanut's favorite pastime is 'mommying'. She loves dolls and strollers and diapers. We have an acre's worth of Cabbage Patch Kids, Bitty Baby's un-bitty wardrobe, and more naked babies than Woodstock. It often looks as if we are running a doll's hotel around here.

But, being that Peanut is only two, we haven't had much interest in Barbies.

Until now.

The other day, a friend of ours gave Peanut a Barbie as a gift, and she seemed intrigued. She brushed her hair and took off her clothes, and generally played happily for 20 minutes or so.

And I thought, "Here it is, the time has come". So I dug under the bed for my treasure of treasures from my childhood, "The Barbie Box". Here was my sacred stash, quietly hoarded away from the prying eyes of my two sisters after I had outgrown my 'Barbie' days. Lovingly dressed, combed, and wrapped against the day when I could pass the Barbie torch to my own little girl. I don't know if it was the sentiment or the dust, but I was definitely misting up, lol.

I presented the box to Peanut and got that wonderful, awe-filled expression that two-year olds do so well. I felt like I had just given her the moon. We emptied the trunk and I sat and watched as she lined them up in rows and pretended to go shopping. It was truly a hallmark moment.

Inevitably, after Peanut had stripped them all naked, she brought them to me to redress. That's when I made a startling discovery. Barbie has had work done.

She definitely had a breast reduction and lyposuction on her hips. I think she also had a tummy tuck. When we put the new Barbie in the old clothes, she looked like Barbie's little sister playing dress up!

I remember reading an article a few years back about how they were resizing the doll to more realistic proportions so as to not foster a bad body image in young girls, but I never considered what that would mean for my secret stash. I guess I'm going to have to dig out the old doll clothes patterns and see if we can tailor them to fit Barbie's new look!

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