Thursday, September 7, 2006

WIP Friday

Here is my submission for WIP Friday; my "Two at a Time, Toe Up" socks. The yarn and the pattern both come from KnitPicks, although this particular color of self-striping sock yarn is no more.When I started these, it was a little like wrestling an octopus, because you have two balls of yarn and two circular needles to keep straight, but like most projects, one you get a little more yarn on the needles, it's not so bad. I chose a two at a time version, so that I will hopefully side-step my procrastinating ways and actually have a complete pair when I'm finished. I know that if I were to try my first pair of socks one-at-a-time, I'd never have more than one, lol.

This yarn is a dream to work with and I love the stripes. I have a few other colorways of this yarn put away and I'm thinking that one of them might make great mittens. Maybe that will be next?  Posted by Picasa

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Happy Housewife said...

Wow, I didn't know one could twin-knit! So when you are done, there are two ready?! Super! The winderful, mysterious world of knitters...

A quick suggestion, i-Mom. When you take pictures of your projects, do spend some thought on the background that you are laying them on. For instance, the current project - it is mostly of dark shades. The picture might have looked ready for a catalogue if you had placed it on a white sheet rather than on darker wood.

Who knows, someone might see your work and place orders for them one day! You don't mind making a few bucks doing things you anyway do, right? Ok, you might, but I am sure your other half won't. ;-)

Currently, the colours of your work are getting lost in the colour of the background. Think about it.