Tuesday, October 3, 2006


First of all, thank you guys for the questions! Keep them coming! I always find it easier to write in response to someone. My ideas tend to be muddy and incoherent if they are made to develop all on their own, lol!

Because I had so many responses, I thought I would just run down the list.


Our house hunting and selling are put on hold indefinitely. The house is still technically for sale, but we aren't trying. I don't know about everywhere else, but our little corner of the world is overrun with houses for sale. In fact, some people with higher priced homes in our area are adding time-share vacations and cars to the deals in order to make the sell. We've decided to stay put for awhile.

Yes I have done some canning this year, but not much. Two batches of apple butter and then a batch of hot pepper jelly in which none of the jars sealed, so I had to find homes for it quickly, but that wasn't a problem, lol. I put most of my vegetables up in the freezer, but last week, Peanut was playing around in there after I put my groceries away and she turned the deep-freeze off. We didn't find out until two days later when my husband opened the door and about a gallon of water splashed out on his feet. We lost everything, lol.

My socks are now to the ribbing on the legs. My mother has convinced me to enter them in the fair next year, so now I'm paranoid about every stitch, where before I was just looking at them as a learning experience. My husband gave me this slick set of interchangeable needles for my 30th on Sunday and I have been itching for some new projects. Today I cast on for a soft grey scarf for him as a thank you present. I did knit the sundress and panties for Mina, my daughter's 'Knitted Babe', but Peanut is just getting to that "changing clothes" doll phase so I hadn't bothered to do anything else. I'm sure in the doldrums of January, I'll pull it out and look for a quickie project. I'll post some pictures of Mina in a few days, if I can get my dying camera to co-operate. I'd say go right ahead and make a 'Babe' they are easy and fun! And don't forget to post some pictures so that we can see!

thicket dweller,

I'm afraid I don't have any good recipes for red beans and rice. In fact, I must come clean and admit that I don't like rice, save risotto. It started with the nasty concoctions my Mom used to make when I was a kid. Since then, I have tried rice every once in awhile, but I have found that I still can't stomach much white rice. I do like some long grain wild rices, and we eat brown rice and raisin salad here for dessert on occasion, but most rice dishes I abhor. I embarrass my husband to no end when we eat Chinese and I sit at the table and pick every grain off of my food. Maybe someday I'll grow up, lol!


You are probably going to hate me, but I'm already mostly done for Christmas. I embroidered dresser scarves for most of the ladies on my list, and I'm just finishing up my last one. My shopping is all finished except for my husband, who always tells me he doesn't know what he wants, so I'm usually stumped for awhile. A few years ago, I started the habit of trying to be done shopping and crafting by the end of October, and I have found that it has made things so much less stressful. I also tend to spend less and miss the money less by spreading it out over the year, as long as I keep a running list of what I have already bought in my purse at all times. Woe is me if I don't keep track, because I always end up buying too much. I'm wracking my brain and digging through old 'Family Fun' magazines to find a craft that Peanut can make for the Grandparents, but now that most of my list is out of the way, I don't feel the pressure so badly, lol.

Happy Housewife,

It's true that I do love to sing, but my voice is only fit for babies and my own car, lol! I used to sing in school and church choir (like all good little Baptist girls, lol) until I was married, but I never sing in public if I can help it anymore. I love to sing and I belt out everything from hymns to showtunes, but only for mine and Peanut's pleasure. Although, she usually says "Mama, don't sing. I sing". She already loves the spotlight. As far as uploading something that I have sang, don't hold your breath, lol! I'm not cruel enough to inflict that on the general public!


thicket dweller said...

I found a red beans and rice recipe here: http://www.gumbopages.com/food/red-beans.html. I made it yesterday and liked it a lot.

Have you ever tried Basmati rice? More expensive, but SO yummy! Like buttered popcorn!

Happy Housewife said...

We Indians (as in, from India) are serious rice eaters. And due to a fairly long culinary culture (some 2000 years old! lol!) we have quite a bit of variety with rice dishes. Basmati, (pronounced Baas-muth-ee), is a long-grained Indian rice especially suitable for a dish called Rice Pulaau (or Rice Pilaf, as some Brits like to call it). Rice Pulaav is a kind of mildly spiced vegetable rice. You might change your opinion about rice after tasting some good pulaau.

How I wish I could have brought a casserole to your place some day!!

Btw, did you get my card yet?

thicket dweller said...

Thanks so very much for the apple butter. I'm so sorry that I wasn't here to see you! Bless you for thinking of me. :-)

Happy Housewife said...

She said, "Any subject that you wouldn't mind me blathering on and on about?" and we gave her plenty. Now the ball is in her court to keep up with her promise to 'blather on and on about' them! :-) Where are you, i-Mom?

Happy Housewife said...

She said, "Any subject that you wouldn't mind me blathering on and on about?" and we gave her plenty. Now the ball is in her court to keep up with her promise to 'blather on and on about' them! :-) Where are you, i-Mom?

thicket dweller said...

Where are you, Dear?