Friday, October 24, 2008

Retro Food

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So, with the economy crunch and things in general being a bit mad, I'm trying to be more responsible with our resources. Trying to get every penny's worth from the money we spend on groceries. And for us this means utilizing the deep freeze in the basement. We're lucky enough to live in a very agriculturally centered area. We are surrounded by farms big and small from whom you can get quite a discount if you buy in large amounts. So I stock the freezer.


Just because I put it in there, it doesn't mean that I remember to take it back out. Which is just like throwing money away.

So when I noticed a lonely pack of hot dogs languishing towards the back of the top shelf, my guilty concience kicked in and forced me to pull them out and serve them up. The only problem was how?
Generally, hot dogs around here are summer fare. Either roasted on a campfire or cooked on the grill, slapped into buns and slathered in condiments. That is usually the extent of our hot dog cuisine. And lets face it, they're not exactly a gourmet specialty. But with the banishment of highly processed carbs from the house, we haven't seen a hot dog bun in months and the weather was not compatable with outdoor cooking.

So what did I do with a sad pack of wieners that must be used up?

Beans And Wienies Casserole!

I haven't eaten this stuff in decades, and I don't think that I want to put it into regular rotation on the menu, but it was kind of yummy! And I tried to make it all "Betty Crocker Cookbook, circa 1965" beautiful with the 'fillet o' frankfurters' on the top. Very scary! Very orange! But we finished it off with no leftovers.

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JulieMom said...

Sometimes the best meals are ones that take you to another time and another place.

No matter how orange. :0)

At least it wasn't Soilant Green!

(And thoughts on the blog design?)