Sunday, November 16, 2008


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Well, my Peanut had her fifth birthday party this weekend. I uploaded these pictures tonight and I just can not believe how grown up she looks. It makes me excited and sad at the same time. I look forward to knowing my little girl as a young lady, but I will miss her so much when she's grown and gone.

Although, if you ask her, she has no plans of ever leaving me. She tells me that she is going to stay with me forever and cries at the thought of having her own house and family. I keep telling her that one day she'll change her mind, but she doesn't quite believe me.


Anonymous said...

how very pretty my niece is on her fifth birthday! Hello Sydney! Happy Birthday!!

Love You!!
-Aunt Angie

JulieMom said...

How sweet!! She does look all grown up!

And not to detract from her, but what about a close up of that cake?!?

Please tell me you didn't make that yourself! :0) Happy birthday Peanut!