Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Well, I've been sitting on my little secret long enough, (in all actuality, I haven't been sitting very long at all, I'm just an impatient person!) so it's time to spread the joy.

Come December, we are going to have a new family member. Yes, we are expecting a new little peanut. I'm really very excited! I had my first ultrasound Monday so that we could pinpoint my due date a little better (I have very crazy cycles and we weren't sure when this one was conceived :)), so I've already seen her little jellybean body and that oh so tiny heart fluttering.

Ultrasounds are just breathtaking to me. I'm nosy by nature, and to get a preview peek at my baby is such a thrill. With Peanut's first US, I lie there for an hour and a half just watching. Due to complications, I had five US with my first pregnancy, so I was able to experience the exciting growth progression from inside and out. We were even able to bring in each of the Grandmas for their own private US showing. :)

I was so frightened at Peanut's delivery. I sat up at night during my last month asking myself why did I think that having children would be fun. I was convinced that I would never make it through labor and that I would be a horrible mother. Every conceivable doubt crowded my head day and night. From this side of the ordeal though, I am so happy that I have my baby girl and I feel so blessed to be given another little one to care for. In my hormone euphoria, I would gladly have ten more!


Faith said...

That is so wonderful, congratulations!

Rey said...

praise the lord! i have a newborn little girl and she's got me in zomby mode =)

Victoria said...

Congratulations! I found your blog by accident- I was looking for MrsHappyHousewife.blogspot.com (another excellent, upbeat blog). A very happy accident indeed as I love your blog.

It is so nice to read about other moms who actually like being mommy!

I am in Ohio also. We are in Northeast Ohio.

Kristen said...

Congratulations!!! What joyful news. :)

thicket dweller said...

I hope your body is cooperating with you, and that you're getting the rest you need. I'm thinking about and praying for you!