Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Gryffendor Behemoth

Here is a picture of my finished HP scarf. To answer your question, Erin, it's obviously a Gryffendor. My sister is a huge Won-Won fan, so she always sides with the Lions. And yes, that is a Christmas gift bag that it is propped up on. It's already wrapped and put away. Most of my Christmas gifts are. Feel free to hate me for being so uptight and overprepared, lol!

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Erin said...

And what a lovely scarf it is! :)

Oi! I'm still planning out all my Christmas gifts! Well, they are planned in my head but I haven't started most of them. *goes off feeling like a slug* ;)

impromptu-mom said...

Oh don't feel like a slug, Erin. It was only by some strange allignment of the planets that I am as far along as I am. Usually, I'm out there in the trenches with everyone else in December! I have a few more gifts to make, but they are quick and easy. (Yea! Big needles and chunky yarn!)

DigitalCamera said...
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