Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting Close

Well, I should be putting the fringe on my Huffle scarf before I go to bed tonight. I'm kinda glad. It's starting to feel like a job instead of a labour of love. But I will look so chic Saturday night! I'll post pictures tomorrow.

My hubby is now starting to pout because I'm going with my sister to see GOF the first time. Even though he hates big crowds at the movies and had no interest in going on opening weekend when I bought the tickets a month ago. And even though we are going to see it together over the Thanksgiving Holidays. I think he is feeling left out because in all of the time that we have been dating and married I have only gone to the movies two other times without him. But he will really be much happier if he waits a week. He would spend the whole time scaring small children with his dirty looks because they won't be quiet, lol. This is the same man that will not allow you to even answer the phone in the same room that he is watching a movie in when we are at home. Trust me, he'll thank me in the long run!

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Happy Housewife said...

You Potter-phile! :-) Enjoy the movie and the girls-date-out!

{ I still don't understand why *adults* would read children's fantasy books, though. :-( }