Friday, November 25, 2005


I have now been to see lovely HP4 twice, and I loved it both times! My sister and I went together on opening weekend (I'm the VERY round one on the left) and wore our scarves. The usher stopped my sis on the way out and went on about how her scarf looked so authentic to the movie. She told him that I had knit it and I felt a little swell of pride. Of course, he didn't say anything about my scarf, so obviously mine didn't look so authentic. Either that, or he was trying to pick up my sister, lol!

My husband wasn't thrilled with the movie. He complained that the book was better (well, duh!) and that they left too many important things out. But just as it is with any book that is made into a movie, you have to take each as a separate entity. They are never going to be able to include all of the very wonderful things that J.K. Rowling puts into her stories and keep it under three hours.

This is now my favorite of the four. It's funnier than the rest, but also scarier. The soundtrack was a little disappointing (only a little wisp of the original John Williams pieces), but the great scenes made up for that tenfold. (I heard three different moms complaining as we left that the movie was too scary. They all brought six and seven year olds to a PG-13 movie. What did they expect?) All in all, this is a great movie. Posted by Picasa


thicket dweller said...

Loverly! And the pigtails are SO sweet! :-)

impromptu-mom said...

Ahh the pigtails!

They were actually the result of a busy day and my complele lack of caring what my hair looks like as long as it is not stading on end, lol!

This is how I sleep, now that my hair is so long, and because of the days other crazy events (i.e.- Peanut's birthday party and cleaning my house top to bottom in preperation for my in-laws) I actually never brushed them out. I did rebraid them before we left for the movies (they were looking a little bushy).

So, no real effort to look especially cute or anything! lol!

thicket dweller said...

Well, for someone not taking any effort to look especially cute, you sure did pull it off well!

impromptu-mom said...


You warm my heart and blush my cheeks!