Sunday, April 2, 2006


Did you ever have one of those mystery smells in your house?

One of those empty-and-scrub-every-garbage-can, look-under-the-beds-for-a-crusty-old-sandwich, pry-up-the-floorboards-in-search-of-a-dead-rodent kind of things?

There is this smell in my house that I have been picking up on for the last two days. My husband swears that he doesn't detect a thing. No one else seems to smell it. I keep getting these little whiffs that are driving me on a mad search-and-clean mission throughout the house, for the offending item.

But it's not here.

Maybe it's just my home-selling paranoia. Hopefully, it's not some neighbor's missing pet, lol!


MamaGeph said...

I always tell my kids, "Must be your upper lip."

BTW, I've tagged you for the Indie Virus. Come over to my blog to check it out. :)

Firefly said...

What's it smell like? I had a smell like that for about a month and it was driving me crazy. It smelled like something had died in my kitchen. No one smelled it except me. I do have a sensitive nose. :8

Finally, we had our friendly, neighborhood plumber come over and he thought that perhaps something had crawled under the crawl space and died. That my husband was going to have to crawl under there and find it. This was in part due to the fact that our "crawl" space is really only high enough for a snake so it should rightfully be called a slither space. Anyway, my husband finally got under there and found that a pipe had come apart from another pipe at a joint or something. There was a big puddle of water under the house and the sewage was venting up through the other pipe into the kitchen where my washing machine was. Yuck.

Hope you figure it out. :o)