Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Ants Go Marching...

Warm weather has finally come to Ohio for good (I think). After a few teasing days, followed by Easter snow that killed all of my spring flowers, I think that it is becoming safe enough to put away the winter coats.

On the downside though, all of God's little creatures are waking up. Yellow Jackets are everywhere. Grubs are squishing along. I even had a spider swing down from the ceiling last night and land right in my lap. Generally, I don't mind buggy little things, but this time of year they make my skin crawl. They seem to be everywhere!

The worst of it is the ants. They have decided to move in. Completely ignoring the fact that we are trying to get someone to buy this house, and therefore would prefer that prospective buyers don't look down and see a corner full of their writhing little bodies. I hate the idea of any spray, but I'm becoming a little desperate. Anyone have a spare anteater they would lend me?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a downer, but we've been fighting Argentine ants for about 6 years now. They never go away, just stay outside sometimes. Every spring they return. It's discouraging. They are truly pests. But of all the bugs to have, I'd pick ants any day.