Sunday, April 22, 2007

Anyone Have a Basement To Rent?

With the house up for sale again, I've been trying to get to some of those little (and big) jobs that you tend to ignore during the day to day. Cleaning out the freezer, organizing the cabinets, etc., etc.
But the biggest job by far is cataloging all of our media (books, DVDs, magazines, and such). I've found a wonderful, easy to use, FREE site called GuruLib and a little :CueCat Scanner to help me on my way. I love that I can organize books and movies on to different digital "shelves", so that I can say, keep track of Peanut's books with out having to wade through everything we own.

This job has brought me to several realizations though.

1. We have A LOT OF BOOKS!!! and movies.

2. There are so many more books and movies that I want to own, lol.

While doing manual searches for things we do have, I was reminded of lots of great books that we don't. My wish list has quintupled tonight alone! Maybe I should just finish with a blindfold on, lol.

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