Saturday, January 24, 2009

Be Still My Wannabe Archaeologist's Heart

I love Playmobil toys.

I love the hundreds of tiny pieces.

I love the variety of themes.

I love that my daughter can make up stories about Santa visiting a band of pirates and helping them plant a garden, and she has toys that she can use to act them out.

So imagine my joy when I opened my inbox to find the new Playmobil catalog and this staring back at me.


With collapsible stairs, and secret chambers, and treasure, and mummies, and trap doors, and Snakes ("Why'd it have to be snakes!")!

This set doesn't come out until August and I can't wait to play Indiana Jones see the joy in Peanut's eyes while she plays.

Do you think I could convince my husband that it is a purchase to help me teach history?


Sherry said...

We are dying to get our hands on this one, too! :)

Thicket Dweller said...

Sweetheart and I bought The Baby several sets of Playmobil for the Victorian dollhouse they got for Christmas this year (after waiting 18 years and being sorry I didn't get it before my eldest grew up and left for college). The Baby declared that she doesn't really like Playmobil. I'm heartbroken! Especially now that we've been collecting them for almost two decades. :-/

JulieMom said...

Yes! You so could convince him! You and your wily ways. And then invite me over (when we're home) and I'll play too. :0)