Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ohio's Trick Weather

Well, here we are, in the lovely summer days that sometimes mark April in Ohio. It has been beautiful and warm, with birds singing and nice breezes. But mind, that doesn't mean we aren't in for some early May snow, no sir! Nobody in Northern Ohio may put away their winter coats until late June. HH says! Otherwise, you are just asking for a blizzard!

But I am progressing well. My cough is almost gone. I can see now why a century ago, people convalesced from a disease for months. I feel like I have been through Consumption and back! I have been out working in my yard, barefoot, despite all dire warnings of "Pneumonia!" and "Catching my Death" from my hubby and MIL.( I insist in gardening in my bare feet, I'm just toooo bohemian that way! ;) ) I've also put in the majority of my seeds for the kitchen garden, for which I was also given dire warnings of "Too Early!" and "The frost will kill them". But I subscribe to the do-it-when-it-feels-right school of gardening. Besides, any plants that can withstand my neglect, need to prove themselves hardy early on. What better way, than to weather a frost or two!

Peanut is enjoying all of this outside activity. She is definitely not an inside sort of kid. She is digging and lifting and doing whatever she can to get into trouble, but she's just so cute doing it! Today was also a banner day at the library. Our children's section is at the top of two flights of steep stairs, so Peanut and I usually ride the elevator up. Not today. She refused. Peanut wanted to climb the stairs like the other kids. So we climbed all the way up and all the way back down. She was less winded than I was!

I can't believe how big she is getting. My baby is changing into a little girl!

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