Monday, December 12, 2005


Day 12


Blanket of white covers all
muffles mankind's din
yet sharpens our perception

by impromptu-mom, age 11

Found this old poem while digging through some of my old school papers yesterday (I'm easily distracted and was supposed to be putting away the empty decorations boxes. I really was working! No, really!) It was in an old book of poetry that I had written for some independent project in 5th grade. I fancied myself a poet at the time, and I had written a Haiku for each season, (I went through a period of Asian interest about then, lol) and illustrated them with some very bad drawings of trees. Definitely not an artist! After the 5th grade and poetess didn't work out, I moved on to playwriting for the next two years (the boy that I had a crush on also wrote plays. It gave us an excuse to hang out in the library together, lol!). If anyone is ever feeling down and needs a good laugh, I have enough failed writing attempts lying around to cheer anyone out of a funk!

I thought that the winter Haiku was appropriate for the advent calendar and our current weather. Enjoy!

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