Saturday, January 28, 2006


I finished our taxes last night, and was surprised that it was relatively painless. This is the first year, since we were married, that we didn't have several W2's and multiple other documents to wait on. Although my "homemaker" status lightens the paperwork load considerably.

This is also the first year of throwing out a past year's jointly filed taxes. Yes, just seven years ago, we filed our taxes together for the first time. Pulling out our 1998 returns to shred, brought back a few nice memories. Back when we had filed that return, we had just moved into our first house and I was shaking at the thought of all of those mortgage payments stretching ahead of us for the next thirty years (that just seemed like such a long time to my newlywed mind, lol). We had just celebrated our first Christmas together, and because of said new house, it was a rather lean year and because of said newlywed status, we had no Christmas decorations (I ended up cutting out about fifty paper snowflakes and using them to decorate the tree and house. It was actually very pretty.), but it was a lot of fun and we are truly smiling in all of the pictures. I also noticed that our tax preparer gave us a discount and a smiley face on our receipt because we were newlyweds, and how often do you get a smiley face on your taxes?! lol!

I think instead of shredding our 1998 returns, I'm going to have a fire in the back yard and burn them. Seems fitting to do something a little special for such a special year!

And just in case you are wondering, yes I am certifiably insane. How else could I be in the throes of nostalgia due to a tax return?

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truevyne said...

We're still waiting on our one and only W-2.
I think it's sweet you look back on that newlywed year so fondly. Our first year of marriage was hard.