Thursday, June 23, 2005

Strawberry Goodness

I just finished the smallest batch of jam that I have ever made. Three half-pints. I hope this winter isn't a long one, or were in trouble!

Actually, I was making sugar-free jam and I always make it in small batches. The only one in our house who can eat it is my hubby. I try not to give Peanut artificial sweeteners and I myself am allergic to them. Believe it or not, we will only keep one jar and give the rest away. We always have such an abundance of sugar-free and Amish no-sugar-added spreads around. I wouldn't have bothered, except that I had to do something with our surplus of strawberries and sometimes I enjoy the challenge of Diabetic cooking, especially when it comes to "traditional" foods that have to be altered. Sadly, most of the time I am not up to the challenge! lol!


Bernadette said...

Mmmm! Toast and jam for teatime, anyone?

I love your icon...I used to have a similar Gibson girl framed in my hallway. It was titled "No time for politics"!

Happy Housewife said...

Ooo.. It is lovely to see that people still make jams and jellies at home - yes, from scratch. You know, I-Mom :P, the USA is such a delightful spring of surprises for me! For one, not everyplace is New York or California or Texas. For another, not everyone buys 'freezer-microwave-dishwasher' type food!

I was almost coming to the conclusion that no one prepares home-made food in this country and prefers to eat upsized meals at Burger King. Never could understand how BK could pass off for dailyfare (all those calories and such boring stuff!)... but apparently, there are still people who make food at home. And find it normal! :-)

Here's a 'toast' to your healthful jam! :-))

Happy Housewife said...

Btw, do you also bake your own breads? I'd love to try. In my culture, we don't use a lot of bread - ours is a rice&wheat based cuisine - so I don't have a clue of even how to start! However, hubby&I love the varieties of bread you can buy here.

I'd love to try and bake something at home. Been using the oven for a month now and I am comfortable with it. Now I am ready to experiment with European/Western cuisine. Can you suggest a simple, but nice recipe?

I'd have tried the internet, but you can never tell if those are 'workable' - some of those turn out to be disasters! I don't want to risk my first attempt. Do you have any ideas?