Sunday, July 3, 2005

The Happy Housewife Gets Crafty

With a yucky summer cold coming on, I spent most of today inside with my Peanut. We did this and that all day and then this afternoon, I decided to make myself a new knitting bag. Here is the result.
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My bag actually started life as one of Peanut's sundresses. After she ripped the smocking beyond repair, I decided it would make a nice knitting project bag. So a few ribbons and seams later, I have a bag long enough to hold my needles and whatever yarns I need.

And speaking of projects, here is my current one.
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It's a Gryffendor scarf for my very pregnant sis for Christmas. I'm sorta proud, as it's the first thing I have ever knit that my husband has glanced over while I was working and said, "Hey, is that a..." and been right. It's actually recognizable to the layman's eye! Yea Me!

Today was also a banner cooking day for me. I made ribs for the very first time! Brian is the grill master around here, and I wouldn't dream of encroaching on his turf, so I braised my pork ribs in the oven. I think that they came out delicious. Brian's response was "good, but not super good. It's not actually barbecue, you know." Then he proceeded to eat 2/3 of the rack. I guess I'll have to settle for the high praise of no leftovers instead of rave reviews! :)


Bonnie D. said...

Plato was right--necessity IS the mother of invention. As was Fanny Fern--the way to a man's heart IS through his stomach! Happy 4th of July!

Bernadette said...

The penultimate coment was from me. Will she be wearing Quidditch goggles with her Gryffindor scarf? ;~)

Bernadette said..., comment.

impromptu-mom said...

I don't think she will be wearing Quidditch goggles, but she has already seen the scarf and thinks I am knitting it for myself (we are both big fans). She says that she is going to buy me a new coat for Christmas, because the colors in the scarf will clash so badly with my old one that she will refuse to be seen in public with me!

Happy Housewife said...

Careful, I-mom. Trust you've read O.Henry's Gift of the Magi. You don't want that happening with your family, do you? :)

sparrow said...

Cute! Loving the Gryffindor scarf! Great project idea for a couple of kids I know.