Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Small World

I feel almost famous today!

A few months ago, I posted about my new favorite cooking book, "The Philosopher's Kitchen" by Francine Segan. The book ties together the history and menus of ancient Greece and Rome, and it is a history buff's dream! It really is such a great book, and everything I've made so far has been delicious.

Well, this morning Mrs. Segan came by and left a comment! And it was such a nice, modest, sweetly unassuming comment too. I was tickled pink when I opened my e-mail this morning! I honor of the occasion, I made her 'Chicken with Plums' for lunch. If she gives her OK, I will post the recipe here for you all. Her other two books, "Shakespeare's Kitchen" and "Movie Menus" are proving a little difficult to find for a preview at the library, but since I love "TPK" so much, I've decided to buy the other two for myself for Christmas, sight unseen.

All of you MUST check out these books!

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