Saturday, September 10, 2005


Apple Butter day here today. Thanks to a cheater recipe that just plops the whole lot of ingredients in a crock pot and simmers it for 15 or 16 hours, my whole house smells delicious. I personally hate Apple Butter, but everyone else around me adores it, so I make it. I certainly do love the wonderful aroma though, lol!

The downside is, due to a lack of planning, I must set my alarm and get up in three hours (4:00 AM) to can it all up. Nothing like standing over a huge cauldron of boiling water in the middle of the night to make you feel in the Hallowe'en mood! (insert evil witch cackle here)

Double, Double, toil and trouble,
Apples are messy when they bubble.
Good thing there's a lid on the old crock pot,
Because better things than cleaning, to do, I've got!

Please excuse me for sounding a little like Yoda. It is after 1:00 AM here, lol!

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thicket dweller said...

I keep meaning to ask...can you share the recipe?