Thursday, September 8, 2005

Old Favorites

Peanut and I were perusing the children's section at the library today, when I came across an old favorite of mine on audio book, Susan Cooper's "The Dark Is Rising". Ms. Cooper's is the first fantasy series that I ever read and listening to it in the car on the way home reminded me why it is only second to Harry Potter in my heart's library hall of fame.

I can still remember the first time that I discovered "TDIR". I was eleven, and digging through the school library, where I worked during my free periods and generally could be found whenever I had a free moment. Our middle school library was pretty small and having read most of the fiction section, I was trying to find something new. I pulled out this book, looked at the cover with it's foreboding dark man on a rearing horse, black crows, and a small boy cowering on the ground, and thought it might be worth the time. I took it home and read it that night. I was in love, and when I discovered that it was the middle book in a series of five, I couldn't get my hands on the others fast enough. We didn't have them at the middle school, so I borrowed two from the high school and bugged the local librarian to find the other two for me (no small feat in the days before widespread computer use and easy interlibrary loans!). Luckily, I was one of those bookish but not annoying kids that adults don't seem to mind, lol!

I can remember wishing that I was like Will Stanton. Hoping that I would just wake up one day and find out that I was someone completely different than I thought I was and that I had this important destiny to fulfill. A common childhood wish I'm sure, but none the less strong. The series was one of my favorite escapes, long after I had outgrown the wish.

I came home and found a used set of the series on eBay. Soon, I'll be running through the lanes of my childhood escape! I can't wait!

Do any of you have a favorite book or books from childhood that you still visit now and again, even though you are grown up?


Erin said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who heads back into childhood once in a while!

I have two series that I re-read from time to time that were absolute favorites as a child. The first is The Chronicles of Narnia and the second is the Anne series by L.M. Montgomery.

I loved both very much as a girl and have found copies at the local bookstore to revisit periodically.

The other series that I would absolutely devour but haven't got my hands on again were the Little House books. I aquired that series one at a time for good grades on big tests. :)

Enjoy your books and your journey back to kid-dom!

Happy Housewife said...


It's been long since I visited your site. The last was on 12th Aug, almost a month back!! This job is eating up my time - but that is only a lame excuse for fogetting friends for a while. Please forgive. :-)

But coming back today made me realise real quick what I have been missing. You write really beautiful thoughts; and so often I rue at not being able to be the wife/woman that you are - so gentle, yet so efficient!

There is the general 'self-help' theory that if you want to be successful, you have to be supremely efficient, which translates in these books to 'aggressively productive'. I've always felt uncomfortable with that view, though in some ways, I tend to become that myself, esp when on an efficiency roll. It is so easy to get aggressive and dominating when you are good...

You are an example in being sensitive, soft and at the same time, efficient. Your thought, "I need to move on to another project; shouldn't get DH worried" touched me. I was thinking, "If my DH had called any of my interests an obsession, wouldn't I have flown into a righteous rage?!!" This is what I mean by setting a good example. Next time, I'll remember to follow your style.

You never fail to impress, HH. Never.

Btw, take that vacation to Europe. And no, you won't be awful to do so. :-)

affectionate hugs to you and Peanut,