Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well, a few new projects will be getting their start this weekend. The yarn for my birthday-present-to-myself Hufflepuff POA scarf should be arriving tomorrow from KnitPicks. I went with the Merino. I just ordered a whole bunch and crossed my fingers that it will be enough. I'm going to knit it as a tube (No 1x1 rib for me! I'd never finish!) using Lauren from atypicallyknit's pattern slightly modified for the lighter weight yarn. I also ordered some Gossamer in the Leprechaun colorway, hoping that it would inspire me to a beautiful shawl. I want finish my scarf in time for the movie release in November. We'll see!

This weekend will also see me slogging my way through the one-day sale at our local Joann Fabrics. I need to get the material for Peanut's Trick-or-Treat costume and some fabric for a few new cooler weather skirts. Things will be crazy because of the sale, (probably a 25 minute wait to have fabric cut!) but luckily, everyone is very nice and polite. I've even swapped some great ideas and patterns with other ladies who were waiting around during previous sales. It almost has a festive air!

And why would anyone really care to hear about my crafting plans you ask? Truthfully, I'm sure no one cares but myself, but I've found that if I publish on my blog that I am going to do something, it kinda helps me stay focused. I am a notorious "super-starter, bad-finisher". I need all of the help that I can get!

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Erin said...

Mmm! Enjoy playing with the Merino. It's an absolute joy! (which reminds me that I need to get my butt in gear on my sweater!)

I also have the Leprechaun colorway. It's very spring-like and quite cheerful, in my humble opinion. Any patterns in mind for the shawl? I still haven't decided for mine except that it has to be something that says "spring". *furrowed brow*

Ah, since we're all fellow crafters, of course we are interested in your plans. I've got great ideas from reading other people's posts and thoughts and think that's the great thing about blogs. Plus you get to brag about FOs to people that really understand your accomplishments! :)