Friday, October 14, 2005


Catching up on a tag, sent my way from thicketdweller.
I'm not tagging anyone in return, just though I'd post my answers for your entertainment.

What were you doing ten years ago?

It was 1995. I had just turned nineteen and I had just graduated high school in June. I now spent my days arguing with my parents about the fact that I gave up my scholarships and didn't go to college. After pushing myself so hard to prepare for the "college track", I discovered that I really didn't want to go, and I needed a break from academics. I bummed around with some older friends, working at a small local movie theater/video store and avoiding any "real" work as much as possible. A true Gen-X slacker.

What were you doing five years ago?

In 2000, I was 24. I had now been married for 2+ years. I owned a home, two dogs, three cars. I was working 50 hours a week for the world's second largest jewelry distributor, chatting with people in foreign lands all across the globe on a daily basis, but talking to my own husband for no more that 20 minutes a day. Our schedules were opposites. We actually saw each other more back when we weren't married and living in the same house. I really didn't like my life or myself much at this point. I wasn't very comfortable with the life that I was creating for us and our home. My how things can change in five years!

What were you doing one year ago?

In 2004 I had just celebrated my 28th birthday and I was preparing for my beloved we've-been-so-blessed-finally-I-understand-isn't-she-the-most-wonderful-child-ever Peanut's "First Birthday Bash". I was juggling invitations, food plans, and family feuds for 60 people. I was stressed about the party but loving being a mom. The breastfeeding, the little clothes, the smiles. It was all just so good!

What were you doing yesterday?

Thursday. Errand Day.

I did the grocery shopping. I washed the car and filled it with gas. Bought my hubby's Sweetest Day gift (first season of "Everybody Loves Raymond" on DVD). Did two loads of laundry. Visited my new niece and nephew. Took down all of my birthday cards. Worked on Peanut's Trick-or-Treat costume. Finished reading "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer. Knitted a few more rows on my Huffle scarf and listened to two chapters of "HP and the Half Blood Prince" on audio book.

5 snacks you enjoy

1. garlic bagel chips
2. tortillia chips dipped in sour cream
3. caramel corn
4. green bell peppers
5. cashews and raisins mixed up together

5 songs that you know all of the words to

1. The whole Wiggles catalog (I know this is waaay more than five, but I will not bore you by listing them all)
2. "The Parting Glass", A traditional Irish folksong (I know all of the words, but can rarely sing them without weeping, lol)
3. "Tom, Dick, and Harry" from "Kiss Me, Kate"
4. "The Hairbrush Song" from the Veggietales
5. Just too many more to list. My sister and I sang everything while we were growing up, and I still do today. I'm that really hilarious looking person you see sitting in her car at stoplights, belting out the words to the song on the radio, eyes clenched shut, pretend microphone in hand!

5 things you would do if you had a million dollars

1. Set up trusts for each of my nieces and nephews
2. Pay off all of our parents' bills
3. Pay all of our bills
4. Take Peanut traveling when she gets older
5. Build a larger house with enough room for both my husband's hobbies and my books

5 things you like doing (just 5?)

1. reading
2. knitting
3. cooking
4. singing
5. visiting

5 bad habits

1. nail biting
2. too introspective
3. being lazy
4. being disorganized
5. tend to get carried away on a new project, but lack the discipline to see it through

5 things that you would never wear again

1. hot pink cullottes
2. jelly shoes
3. big, pouffy bows in my hair
4. the absolutely gorgeous blue velvet, three-inch heels that I bought for one of my husband's formal business dinners, in which I danced my way to 5 blisters and a twisted ankle. (but, boy did they look nice!)
5. cowboy boots

5 favorite toys

1. my computer
2. my mp3 player
3. my digital camera
4. my sewing machine
5. my sewing box


truevyne said...

Hot pink out when you say that. Gouchos are coming back in and coulottes are a synonym in my book!\
And what I wouldn't pay for just the right cowgirl boots...

thicket dweller said...

Birthday? Birthday? When was your birthday? I can't believe I missed your birthday! What did you do? What did you get? Were you treated like a queen? Did I already ask you these questions?

thicket dweller said...

Oh! And how was Everything is Illuminated?

impromptu-mom said...


My birthday was October 1. It occured while I was in no-technology land,lol!
We took Peanut to the zoo for the first time and enjoyed the beautiful day. I got a huge bag of Burt's Bees stuff and a FM broadcaster for my mp3 player from my hubby, a big bag of scrapbooking stuff from my mom, and everyone else gave me money, which I turned into some new computer software. I wasn't treated like a queen, but maybe a middle princess! And no, you didn't already ask me those questions, lol!

As for "Everything is Illuminated", it was interesting. I have to admit that I searched it out after reading an interveiw with Elijah Wood (who I love to pieces) about playing the main character in the new movie. It's a very human book about a very inhuman subject (Natzi atrocities in WWII and a young man seaching for the truth about what really happened to his Grandfather before he came to America). It's not a hapily everafter tale about Jews who managed to escape, but very touching just the same. I did cry a few times and laughed out loud a few too.

Happy Housewife said...

Why did I *know* you were a Libran? You just hand to be, you know, I-mom? You just had to be!


Very belated, but warm birthday wishes. May you have a lovely, productive and *happy* year.