Thursday, October 27, 2005

Have A Holly Jolly October

Ok. It's time for me to come out of the closet on this one. I am a Christmas addict.

There, I admitted it.

I love Christmas so much. The planning and preparation. I just thrive on the suspense.
Which would be why I Christmas shop all year long. Trust me, it has nothing much to do with being organized. I just love to plan for, buy, and make gifts. I put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and some years I wouldn't wait that long if my husband hadn't made a "No Tree Before Turkey" rule, lol. Peanut and I are already listening to "christas moosik" and singing and dancing our way towards Hallowe'en. It's just such a joyous and wonderful holiday, I can't help but want the thoughts of Christmas with me through the wet days of April and the hot days of August!

The thermometer is reading 36.1 degrees here in my office tonight.
Maybe we'll get snow!


Happy Housewife said...

It is nice to see so much gladness in your heart, I-mom! It spreads, whether you want it or not. :)

Kate said...

We love Christmas too. Although, I am with your husband on the Christmas tree thing. My husband would put the Christmas tree up the first of October if I let him... which I actually did one year...