Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm Still Here!

Boy, does time get away from you! Seems as if October just began and now we are staring at Hallowe'en!

Some sobering facts:

Thanksgiving is only 31 days away

Christmas is only 61 days away

I will be thirty in less than a year

It's been all hustle and bustle here in my little house. We are getting ready to purchase some land for our new home and have been playing with houseplans like a couple of eight-year-olds with a new dollhouse. I'm very excited about the prospect of building, but the truth is, we are a year or two away from actual hammer on nail. We are putting our own house on the market (hopefully before the end of autumn) and I'm a little nervous about the idea of a self-sale. Also, when our current house sells, we'll be moving in with my parents-in-law for an undetermined amount of time, until we are finished with building, which is a situation that I have mixed feelings about.

Although my PIL are the sweetest people on earth and we will technically be living in our own apartment (the lower level of their home is a two bedroom apartment), I just can't help but remember how awkward things were for me when we lived in their home for a few months after we were first married. I also worry about my wonderful little Peanut. They spoil her mercilessly, as do I. I don't know if her little psyche can handle so many over-indulgent people on a daily basis, lol! Hopefully, things will work out well and all of my fears will be unfounded.

Aside from preparing for moving house, I've also been busy preparing for the holidays. My gift shopping and crafting is done, but we have started the yearly tradition of sitting down to decide just whose parties we can and cannot attend this year. It's never a fun task and this year, we've decided to trim the excess even more so that we can have more at-home-alone time with Peanut. That leads to deciding just what food I'm taking where and what recipes need to be converted into sugar-free forms. And don't hate me, but I've already started addressing my Christmas cards.

Things have been crazy but good. I've been a little over-stressed, but in a not-too-bad way. The big news is, my Huffle scarf is now past the half-way point! I just cannot wait for the new movie! It is going to be so good!

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