Friday, November 26, 2004

Giving Thanks

I just want to say that I feel so blessed by the Lord today. I try to make a point every Thanksgiving of sitting down with my own quiet thoughts and truly "counting my blessings". It's something I've done ever since I was little, and today was no exception. I realized that I have so much that most of the world outside of our country only dreams of. Though,the truly sad thing is,I complain about a lot of my blessings on a daily basis; if not out loud, then in my thoughts. So, here follows a list of my blessings, and I offer up a true prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord who has so richly blessed me with things that I truly have not come even close to deserving.

*My Salvation

*My Beautiful Daughter

*My Honest, Hard-Working Husband

*My Snug Little House

*Plentiful Food to Eat

*More Good, Warm Clothing than we could ever wear out

*Caring Family who love us and help us, and always have our happiness and best interest at heart and in their prayers

* Friends who make me a priority in their lives, even when I'm "too busy" to make them a priority in mine

*A pleasant disposition that helps me look for the good in any situation (this was not always a trait of mine and I realize now how important it can be)

*The fact that even with all of the neglecting I give my body, I am in good health and I have a sound mind.

*The love of singing and dancing and just being silly sometimes

*The ability to laugh when things are going wrong or seem bad (even if it is at my own expense).

*The gift of prayer for myself and others, because it really works and I've never seen it hurt.

Most of all I'm thankful that I am me. With all of my flaws,shortcomings, and foibles, I'd still rather be me than anyone else.

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Alicia M said...

You are truly blessed. It is relieving to see someone so dedicated to their family in this day and age. Your blog warmed my heart and gave me hope.