Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hours of the Day

I was having a chat with a good friend of mine on the phone the other day. She's a fun person and a great friend, but she's a "career" gal. She often works 50-60 hour weeks.
Anyway, we were on the subject of children, my favorite, and she tells me that she and her hubby are going to start trying to have a child in January. I of course was ecstatic, because even the idea of children is something to celebrate in my book. She and I began dreaming and planning. Then she pauses and says," I want to stay home with the baby but I'm worried." I assume she's worried about their finances but she stops me and says that's not it. "What do you do all day long? I can't imagine you can find enough to keep you busy with out a job."
I have to take a minute to keep my self from screaming with laughter before I assure her that things to do will never be a problem. I tell her that most days in the beginning, she will feel lucky if she manages to take a shower.
She is definitely the nicest person to ask me this question, but hardly alone. I get this from a lot of people. At first it was "When are you going back to work?" and then "It must be so wonderful to be contented to stay at home all day." with the intonation making it very clear that only imbeciles and lazy women would do such a thing.
It amazes me the negative feedback I sometimes get when I tell people that I am a stay-at-home mom. But I just smile and whip out pictures of my beautiful daughter while ignoring their rolling eyes and smug smirks. I love being a Mom!

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