Saturday, November 20, 2004

Happy Birthday Peanut!

My little darling turned one today. She had milk for the first time, tried jello for the first time, learned to make a new funny face, had tooth number three break the surface, and got stuck in her potty. I'd say that's quite a full birthday for anyone!
To elaborate on the potty story; I was in the livingroom, folding laundry, when I hear this screeching coming from the bathroom. I jump up to see what she has gotten herself into. I take a step into the bathroom and turn right around and go get my camera. My daughter is stuck tushie first in her potty chair. The pieces come apart and she likes to play with them like some big puzzle. I guess this time she tried to take a seat after the seat was gone! When she saw the camera, she started laughing and making faces for me. Only my peanut!

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