Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Wise Little Peanut

My little daughter, we'll call her Peanut, just amazes me. She is just a day away from being one year old, but she is so smart. I plan on being a homeschooler, so I am always interested in watching how Peanut learns (I'm always on the lookout for signs of interest in anything in particular). She is so curious about the world around her. She is also very determined, and not very easily distracted (which can be good and bad!). She has always been interested in the people around her, even from day one in the hospital. Peanut was the biggest Grandparent watcher that you've ever seen. But her absolute favorites are other children. I can't wait for her to have some siblings because she is just so eager to play with other kids. It doesn't matter if we are at the park or in the Library, or even in a restaurant, she will walk right up to other kids and smile and screech and hold out her hands to be picked up. I've met numerous other new Moms this way! She is always friendly to anyone that she meets who is 12 and under. My family is convinced that she is going to be an outgoing "Chatty Cathy" like her long-winded Mother! But I think it is already a sign of how smart she is, as she can already tell that people are more interesting than things. Let's hope it's a trend that will continue.


Julie M. said...

Happy Birthday, Peanut! That was the nickname we had for our son while I was still pregnant. Great blog.

Liliana said...

Your new blog is absolutely delicious. I too, wonder if my Grama would get a hearty laugh over what I perceive as a tough life. She had six kids, husband, farm, taught piano, sold eggs, made three square meals a day for hungry farmhands and family. We homeschool. You're going love home education! I knew we would homeschool our littlest boy when he was seven months old. I looked into his eyes and knew it. But of course, if you're mothering 24/7 you're *already* a homeschooler. Home education begins at birth. :)