Friday, March 18, 2005

Catch Up Day

I've had a busy, but interesting, life for the last few days. So, I guess I should post a little about it.

First of all, Peanut and I went to spend the afternoon with one of my favorite bloggers, Thicket Dweller, and her family on Wednesday. Let me just say that we had the best time. It was kinda like reading this really great book for a few months and then, poof, there you are having a chat with your favorite characters and eating lunch with them. TD's children are so smart and creative (they played me this hilarious radio show that they created and recorded, during lunch. I laughed so hard!), and Peanut laughed and played so much! I plan to pester TD with my company as often as she will allow.

Wednesday evening I received some shocking news. My sister, who is a tumbleweed of a person (never settling down or resting) is pregnant, with twins. She is only 25 and she has already been married and divorced, had 17 different jobs, and has been working as a traveling photographer for the last year or so. She has never wanted a family or to be tied down, and has been very free with herself, to put it politely. Her life choices have caught up with her and, to say the least, it's a shock.

She has decided to keep the babies (which is a great relief to me), and says she plans to become a stay-at-home mom. The father is a lot less desirable than the choice that I would make for my sister, and he has a police record to boot. He can't find decent work (due to his record) and she can no longer travel with her job. They have no income and no health insurance, and they refuse to take any guidance from anyone, on the best course of action for their future. Much prayer is needed.

This is a real test of faith for me. I love my sister, and I practically raised her. Her life has always been a worry to me, and I'll tell you truly that I did not sleep Wednesday night. I am really struggling with the idea that God knows what he is doing in this situation, because I can see no good, except for the fact that I'm getting two new family members. If there are any two people more ill-suited for parenthood, I can't imagine them. I have been forced to remind myself every half hour that God is in control of even my wayward sister, and I shouldn't worry, but have faith. Please pray for our family if you think of it, we can use any moral support that you think to give.

But on a more pleasant note, my crocuses are finally blooming and the daffodils are not far behind. Spring is here, and I have found a new friend and kindred spirit(thank you so much D!) There is much to rejoice about!


thicket dweller said...

Spend much time in prayer, and focus on those babies. :-)

MamaGeph said...

Praying for your sister and your newly expanding family.

Oftentimes, parenthood grows us up and forces us to mature. Perhaps this is the beginning of an awakening for your sister.