Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Darkest Cloud has a Silver Lining

This weekend has been a doozy.

Friday night, my husband had his wallet stolen, and I spent all night on the phone with our bank and credit card company, trying to put a hold on his cards.

Saturday, I discovered that though I had returned them a week ago, the library did not check in several books of mine, and I had added up a $2 fine. The librarian does not agree that they were returned on time, even though she found them on the shelf. I spent twenty minutes arguing my case, trying to have the fine removed. They are checking in to it.

Today, I have driven to three different cities, picking up freecycle clothes for my sister's coming twins. This day of driving resulted in me spilling tomato sauce all over myself and my car while trying to eat lunch on the road, twisting my ankle and falling on my face in a stranger's yard, and using up a tank of gas at $2.13 a gallon.


Due to our prompt reporting, we lost no money with the theft. The criminal stood at the ATM, in front of the camera, for twenty minutes, trying to figure out our PIN. The police have wonderful shots of him.

I still have the use of my library card, without which I would have such an expensive book habit that my husband would surely leave me. And I live near one of the nicest, well-funded libraries in the state, and those wonderful ladies never complain when I request 20 items from libraries all over northeast Ohio and they come in all at the same time.

Thanks to all of the great people hooked up to Freecycle (if you do not belong to your local Freecycle group sign up right now!), I now have two garbage bags of clothes for my new nieces/nephews. Peanut got to spend the day with her Grandma and Papa, which she loves to do. And I got caught up on all of the Garrison Keillor audio tapes that I had out of the library. (I love "A Prairie Home Companion". Check it out on your local NPR station or at your local library).

I guess my weekend had a sparkling silver lining!

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Kristen said...


What a great attitude you have!

I rejoice with you for those good things that did happen. I'm glad the police got pictures of the thief--that's rare, I think.