Sunday, March 27, 2005

Scenes From a Basket(case)

Well, I think Peanut is finally better. After a week of tummy troubles, things seem to be slowing down. No more of "The Wiggles" at two in the morning and seven diaper changes an hour,(not an exaggeration) for awhile. For a few days we even had to put Lactobacillus granules in all of her food and drink, to try and help normalize the bacteria content of her bowels (ahh, the glamorous life of motherhood!). She was getting so sick and weak, that even when she did sleep, I couldn't,for fear that I wouldn't hear her if she cried out. I'm so glad to see my Peanut's smiles again!

Easter was nice. We had the usual hectic family shuffle that seems to mark most of our holidays, but we had some nice family time this evening. Peanut had fun eating off her new "Dora, the Explorer" dishes that the Easter Bunny put in her basket. All through dinner she would look down into her plate and say "Backpack, Backpack!. She can't seem to master the word Dora, so she calls her "Backpack".

Life is good!!

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