Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Seven Years

Today is my seven year anniversary. It's hard for me to believe. The time in our marriage is a little skewed because my husband and I have known each other for such a long time. A lot of our pre-together memories involve each other, so sometimes it's hard to remember just when this all started. :)

I have known Brian since I was eight years old. He was one of my brother's best friends, and two years ahead of me in school. He was always at our house chasing me and my "pesty" sisters around, throwing us in the pool, pulling our pig-tails. Although we had the same friends and hung out at the same places, we never dated or even considered the notion for all of our time through school. In fact, to this day I run into old schoolmates who say, "You married Brian F.?! When did this happen?"

After we both had graduated, we ran into each other again. My brother was the first to move out, and of course, his new apartment was the designated hangout. My friends and I would go over to watch movies or play cards, three or four nights a week, and there was Brian. Our friendship grew stronger and we had lots of fun hanging out again, but still, dating him was not on the radar.

In fact, I was taken completely by surprise the first time he asked me out. It was a weekend when most of our friends were out of town for one reason or another and no one had planned anything to do. Brian called me up and started to chat, and then, when there is a pause in the conversation, he says, "Do you want to go to dinner this weekend?".

My instant reply was, "But nobody's home. Everyone is busy. It would only be the two of us."

And my witty husband replies, "That was sorta my idea." I was silent for a minute, (which I assure you, doesn't happen very often) and I accepted. The rest, as they say, is history, and here we are.

Thank you so much for a great seven years, Brian!

My Anniversary Bouquet

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Oh also, I promised my husband that I would post pictures of the finished cabinets. He was browsing my blog the other day and complained that I didn't show you all the final product. So, here you go. :)

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thicket dweller said...

Happy Anniversary! And the cabinets are BEAUTIFUL!

Kristen said...

Yeah--what she said!! ;-) Thanks for sharing your story and the wonderful pictures.