Thursday, June 15, 2006


Oh if you all could have been a fly on my wall this week you would have gotten some really great laughs. I've taken up a new very fun but very silly hobby.

It all started a few weeks ago while attending the graduation party of one of my cousins. All of the 'young people' were milling about and having a good time and I was sitting in the row of lawn chairs with the other matrons, surveying the scene, as befitted my stately married-and-mommy status. After awhile the 'kids' started playing this video game that consisted of standing on a plastic mat covered with arrows and dancing in time to the flashing arrows and music on the screen. It looked like so much fun and I would have loved to give it a try, but I'm sure that the presence of someone over twenty-five (trying to dance to music that would normally give me a headache) in their midst would have been too much force against their coolness factor, and I would have hated to be the reason for the party breaking up. So I sat in the background, watching the action and making jokes with my sister, thinking that maybe I would give it a try if no one else was watching. Didn't happen.

When I got home, I remembered that we had an old Playstation 2 gathering dust and the wheels started turning. I looked up the game, ordered the gear and a week later, it was in my livingroom. And I am having SO MUCH FUN!

I would never be caught dancing like this in front of an audience, but in the privacy of my livingroom I can fumble around all that I want and still enjoy myself. The game (Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2) isn't all new music either. They have some great dance remixes of songs that were popular when my parents were kids. It also has a workout mode that will count calories burned and set up a customized series of songs for your desired level. The mat is really easy to use (think those old dancing courses where you followed the numbered footprint shapes on the floor, only with flashing arrows and fast moves) and I'm finding more about the whole process to enjoy everyday.

Although, I don't think the designers of the game pictured the users trying to play while a two-year old dances around them like a maypole, pulling them off balance and treading on their toes, but I look at it as an added difficulty bonus, lol!


Happy Housewife said...

Brilliant! What a wonderful wonderful way to rejuvenate yourself, i-Mom! I recall you have been unhappy with the accumulating pounds and with getting into the mommy-rut.

This is just the perfect way to burn the fat off. Nothing works like fun to lose weight, because it will never feel like 'work' and you can involve your baby in it too.

Plus this is something completely different from your sedentary knitting-sewing stuff. I am glad you are trying new, different stuff.

Enjoy yourself, dear... I am genuinely thrilled for you! (Grinning big time imagining you jump around, with Peanut copying mamma. hehe.)

Connee said...

My Granddaughter is 18 and she got that game 2 years ago for her birthday. I watched her and her friends play with it for hours and like you I wanted to play with it too. Finally I asked her to show me it is kind of hard to do...expecially for someone like me who hasn't got much rhythm. But I like it....I'm still on the first song and am finally starting to get A+'s on it. My granddaughter lost a lot of weight the first year she got it. I'm trying to lose some weight...maybe I will too.