Friday, June 9, 2006

The Questions That Stump Mankind

How is it that every night when I make the "Daily Rounds" after my cherub is (finally) asleep, I find at least five sippy-cups scattered throughout our house? I only have one child. She only has the usual one mouth. Why do I not see these cups until the evening rolls in? I don't recall giving her a fresh cup every ten minutes of the day. And yet, there they are. Every night.

I'm starting to wonder if she is throwing big toddler soirees when I'm not looking.

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Happy Housewife said...

hahaha! Apparently you haven't already been initiated and acclimatized by your good husband to the phenomenon of Continual Clutter Accumulation. Lucky you!

Anyhow, better late than never - Welcome to the fold of the Relentless Declutter Robots. :-)

The next step in this is to quickly graduate to being 'Pirate of the Most Insidiously Hidden Treasure'. Answer this: "Can a sippy cup fit snugly under your sofa cushion?"