Monday, June 12, 2006

Now, Now, Now!

After seeing these two aquarium style bags (scroll down to see the Goldfish Bowl and The Ocean) featured in a Japanese embroidery contest sponsored by DMC I have decided that I must make one. They are adorable! Embroidery seems to be grabbing all of my attention lately.


Happy Housewife said...

Yes, it is very pretty. I also liked the surprisingly 'smart'-looking 'shirt pattern' bag. Would be really nice to pair with jeans.

Take a picture of your work and show us when you are done, ok? :)

Joanne said...

These are incredible! I'm guessing you make the bag and then embroider? I've not done much embroidery, but after seeing these and your lovely pillowcases, I think I may have to work on my skills. I'd love to make something like these!