Sunday, June 25, 2006

Catching Up

I was reminded by my blogging angel last night that I hadn't given you all any details on my little solitude trip. I'm so glad to have someone to nudge me along when it comes to blogging!
(Thank you, HH!)

In a word it was... wet.

So wet, in fact, that we came home after one night. I literally stood in a field with water dripping from my nose, fighting a losing battle with keeping our things dry, for 10 hours. We had so much rain that I had to empty collecting water out of our tarps and awnings every fifteen minutes or everything would have collapsed. I also managed to keep a fire going through this deluge, so that my hubby and everyone would have someplace to get dry (ha, ha) when they got off the trail, but only by adding wood and stoking it every twenty minutes or so. It was not exactly the most relaxing trip. When DH finally turned up, we both decided that going home would be for the best. (but I honestly think that if he hadn't broken a vital Jeep part, we would have stayed, rain or no, lol). We were lucky to be at a Jeep meeting though; our truck and trailer had to be pulled out of the muddy field by two other Jeeps! It took a week of sitting out in our back yard for all of our gear to dry out enough to put it away. Not a fun trip , but not a boring one either!

Let's hope that Myrtle Beach goes better in a few weeks!

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Happy Housewife said...

That sure sounds like much to remember! As far as scrapbook entries and fond memories go, trips are much better being shockingly memorable than staid. :-)

Your post reminded me of a trip with some 13 friends to a town in Malaysia. We had gone on this trek and our self-appointed guide got us successfully lost in the middle of a Malaysian rainforest. It would have all been ok if we didn't have to wade through murky swamps and glide down rivers of muddy water for 3 hours, shivering, drenched in a shower that seemed to go on forever and the twilight quickly approaching, without us finding any route out. Our average age was what, 19, then?!

Of course, all 14 in the cohort are alive today which means that no bear made a hearty feast of us, but as scary as it was, it is one of the most memorable trips I ever took!

Thanks for posting... and bringing back fond thoughts.