Sunday, June 11, 2006


Well, we have had our first 'blood and gore' accident of Peanut's childhood. Yesterday she was building a slide on the livingroom floor with our sofa cushions and trying to slide down. But because I have already rolled up our rugs for the summer, everything was sliding around. A cushion went one way, she went the other and landed face down on the wood floor, pushing a tooth through her lip. The blood was everywhere!

She, of course, howled and cried. We wiped up the blood and cleaned the cut and she was fine almost immediately. But all day long, her excuse for not listening or for begging a snack became "but my lip hurting!" I've never seen such pitiful acting before, lol!


dawnzee said...

Well, there you are, darlin'! I'd wondered where I'd find you ~ such a dummy, never occurred to me to just check my comments! Thanks for visiting my blog. And many thanks for the healing words. Unarguably, there is nothing worse than a hurt lip on a child; isn't amazing the amount of blood that can come from such a little cut? Having had three, I've gotten used to the amounts of bodily fluids that can fly out of a child. My oldest turns 13 next week; then I just have to get thru a 10-year-old birthday party and an 8-year-old birthday party. It is nice being an At-Home Mother though ~ it just get more exhilirating as they get older.

Happy Housewife said...

Aww.. poor baby! My heart would have burst, hearing the child wail! Sometimes the vicarious pain is more intense than the physical one, no?

I hope Peanut is better today. And hey, surely you can indulge some of that sympathy-fishing now, can't you? :-)