Sunday, December 19, 2004

City Services?

Well, if you read my post yesterday, you will no doubt remember that we had a water main break on our street. About 3:00 AM this morning, the water came back on and everything seemed fine. Until now. We just received a notice on our door that the OEPA recommends that we boil our water before drinking it as it is unsafe. All fine and good, except that it is now after 7:30 PM. We have been drinking and using our water all day long. I am livid! I know that this page is titled the Happy Housewife but I am anything but happy tonight! Why couldn't the city come around this morning at 4:00 AM after the job was finished? And they didn't even ring the bell or knock, they just hung a tag on the door. If we hadn't happened to be there next to the door, we might not have known until tomorrow morning when we went out. The roads were not bad last night, and there was nothing to keep them from stopping by all day today. They didn't even have a large area to cover, as it was only our street (maybe 30 houses) that was affected. I am so angry. I've already left a message on the town answering machine, and you can bet that mine will be one of the first calls they receive tomorrow morning. Please keep us in your prayers that none of us get sick. My one year old loves to drink water and she has had about half a gallon today.

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