Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Water Saga Continues

I finally got through to our local utilities director, well, actually I got through to the cemetery superintendent as the utilities director was on vacation this week. (if you can't already tell, I definitely live in a small backwards town, as both of these people share an office)I asked her why we hadn't heard a recall yet on the boiling order and why they waited 15 1/2 hours to tell us about it in the first place. Her answer was that the OEPA makes them send out notices every time the water is shut off,but because they have never had a problem, they don't really consider them a priority. Also,by law they could not lift the boiling order until the test cleared but she was sure that it was perfectly fine to drink the water. All fine and dandy, except... The laws were enacted for a reason. I understand about bureaucracy. I have worked out there in corporate America and realize that sometimes rules are made up for rules sake. But we are talking about the health of my family and community here. I am soooo comforted to know that our well-being is "not considered a priority" It's not as if I live in some huge metropolis either. This is a very small town. In fact, I personally have met the woman that I talked to on the phone today. It is mind-boggling what might happen in a real emergency around here. We could have a whole street infected with e. coli or hepatitis before they even put out notices about bad water!

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