Thursday, December 30, 2004

Under the Weather... Again

I am ill. This has been an odd season for me. I'm rarely sick. This time it's Laybrinthiantitis?? I'm sure that's not even close to the correct spelling. What it all boils down to is a viral inner ear infection. It's not like the ear infections that children get. Those are bacterial and can be treated with antibiotics. This has no treatment, it has to "run it's course". Basically, most of the time I'm too dizzy to even stand up. The first day, I couldn't even roll over in bed without lunging for the wastebasket. All of this comes on with no notice, one minute you are fine and the next you are stumbling around like a pirate on two-day shore leave. My doctor gave me prescription strength Dramamine, but the down side to that is that I am always half asleep. My poor husband, who is on his holiday vacation, is left to chase after Peanut. He pops his head in the bedroom door every few minutes to ask "Where do you keep..." and "What do I do with...". The house only makes me feel sicker. The mess will take me months to sort through, as I hadn't even dealt with the Christmas mess yet. All in all, things have been more pleasant around here, but at least my husband and Peanut are not sick.
Well, that's all for now. The keyboard is swimming before my eyes.

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