Friday, January 28, 2005

Catching Up

I've been meaning to post some pictures of the knitting that I have finished. As I have admitted elsewhere in this blog, I am addicted to knitting. My only problem now is knowing what project to start next, as I have sooooo many now lined up that I want to do!

Here is my Peanut modeling the scarf I made to match my hat. Since she learned to smile when prompted, all we ever see in pictures is her chin! Posted by Hello

My first shaped knitting project, cute little slippers. Posted by Hello

These were my first slipper attempt. Misshapen and ugly as they are, I'm still proud of them. I made them for my daughter, but they were too small to fit her lovely, large feet. Posted by Hello

I adapted the pattern to a smaller size, and I am making this little white pair for a friend's baby shower next week. As you can tell, my knitting has already begun to improve from the first, Quasimodo attempt. Posted by Hello

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