Wednesday, January 5, 2005

It's About Time!

We were all sick here during the New Year's Holiday, so we weren't a very lively bunch. Both my husband and Peanut were in bed by 7:00 PM and I was left sitting up all alone. It suddenly occurs to me that this is a perfect time to get out that "learn to knit" kit that I have been meaning to get to since I recieved it for my Birthday in October. So I sat down and learned how to knit on New Year's Eve. I have crocheted for years and have tried to start knitting about a dozen times, but I never could get the hang of it. See what four or five uninterrupted hours of concentration will do? I just finished it off tonight and thought I would proudly show it off to all of you. Seeing as how only 2 or 3 people even read my blog, I figured there would be little embarassment to suffer.

Smiling Me wearing my first knitted hat. Posted by Hello

My first knitted hat. Posted by Hello

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thicket dweller said...

Great job! I learned to knit a few years ago much the same way you did. I picked up a knitting book, needles and some simple yarn at Wal*Mart and fumbled through it until I got it right! Now, my oldest three kids knit, my oldest daughter rather proficiently. As a Christmas gift, I'm teaching my 5-year-old daughter to knit using some hot pink yarn that she picked out on her own. She's so very pink. ;-)