Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Here are the answers to thicketdweller's questions.

1. How does your faith differ from others'?

I don't really classify myself as one specific religion or another. I was raised in a Baptist church, where the message was a good one, but the people often made for a bad representation of a Christian. All through high school, I explored a lot of different religions and churches. I found that all of them had something that I could relate to, but I agreed with none of them completely. When I got married, I moved to my husband's church, also Baptist, but my husband and his family weren't as strictly religious as my family had been, so I found that we attended services less and less when there was something else that wanted our attention. Right now we are bouncing from church to church, trying to find a nice fit.

But that doesn't really answer to my faith. I'd say that my personal faith is founded on service to others. I feel that the best way to show Christ's love, and therefore get across the message of his salvation, is by example. People should see in me a difference, and wonder what makes that difference. Words are only viable if they are backed up by deeds. I believe that only by helping and serving others, can you understand what it means to be a Christian. We must love everybody and treat them as brothers and sisters.

That isn't to say that our own good deeds will get us to heaven, just that people respond much more to what they see than what you say. You can witness and put on a show and stand on the street corner shouting about doom and salvation all day long, but it will never bring people to Christ the way that a kind and thoughtful word or a well timed deed of goodness and self sacrifice will. I guess that's how my faith differs from others, I don't believe that cramming religion and salvation down someone's throat will make them want to come to Christ.

2. What motivates you most?

The needs and wants of my loved ones. Nothing gets me moving more than knowing that someone in my family needs something or would really enjoy something.

3. How many grandchildren do you hope to have?

I hope for at least 4 or 5, but I'd be fine with 100! (Sorry Peanut!)

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