Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Today was a great day for unexpected finds! I was coming home from a very fruitful trip to my favorite used children's clothing store in our county seat and I noticed a sign that almost made me slam on the brakes. "Books, $2.00 a Bag", right there in the Goodwill window. I wouldn't have been much happier if it had said, "Free bags of Money Inside". I love to go into a thrift store and dig through piles of books! You never know what will be there, and at such a price!

I walk in the door, and in addition to the usual book racks, there are boxes and boxes of books lined up down the middle of the store. The clerk told me that they had three different, HUGE, donations of books come in at the same time, and they needed to clean house, thus, the sale. I was in heaven!

After wading through the mountains of Harlequin Romances and old computer manuals I found some really great stuff. Many books that I had been looking for, for Peanut (per number 92 on my 101 in 1001 list). Some great teacher's editions that I can put away for future homeschooling use. Some classics and not-so-classics for myself. And a whole stack of "Victoria" magazines (mostly Christmas and fall issues. Yum!)! Best of all, when added up, the whole lot cost me roughly .11 a piece.

I sit here in my office surrounded by stacks of great old, new friends. I can't wait to dig in!

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