Friday, February 4, 2005

Moving On

Things are getting back to normal. The house needed to be cleaned with a shovel and pick axe, as it was getting very deep around here. But I feel like we are settling back into a nice equilibrium. I have a birthday party and baby shower to finish gifts for, so I need to get myself in gear. I didn't knit at all while I was sick. I just felt like I would be knitting my cold into those cute little baby booties, and I couldn't live with the idea. Also, I just started reading "The DaVinci Code" tonight. Yeah, I know I'm a little behind the trends, but I don't mind. I am interested to see what all of the hype is about. What I do like about the edition I am reading is that it is illustrated. So there are photos of all of the paintings, objects and places referred to in the story. It has also made me decide that should my husband die before I do, God forbid it please, I am going to spend a summer at the Louvre looking at art! (He shudders at the idea, or I would gladly take him with me!)


thicket dweller said...

I'll go! I'll go!

impromptu-mom said...

It's a date!
I'll call you as soon as I make my reservations.